Löve2D based game written in Lua

He woke one morning from uneasy dreams he realized that he remembers nothing from his prior life. As he struggles to bring his memory back, he is about to find out tragic events of his past...

We made dis within Global Game Jam 2014 in Izmir. Topic was "we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are".

Controls: WASD + Space key

Source code: https://github.com/alperklc/am-i-who-i-am

Platforms: Any platform capable of running Löve2D game engine

Installation instructions:

  • Compress this folder and create a zip file (main.lua must be on the root level)
  • For Windows: drag this .zip file onto the shortcut of love.exe
  • For Linux: run this command on the console, after installing Löve2D engine and its dependencies love am-i-who-i-am.zip
  • For Mac OS: To be honest, never tried out.




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This games good! the story was entertaining and the ending surprised me!

*burp* Think i ate too much pizza....